Thank you for your interest in Sponsoring Waiki’i Polo! Polo sponsorships are not only a dynamic and unique way to get your Brand Name out there, but it is a much appreciated and greatly needed aspect of keeping the Sport of Kings alive on the Big Island.

Our club is 100% volunteer based and every dollar we earn is re-invested back into the club. Every sponsor we have is so greatly cherished & without them Polo would not be possible. We can thank our great Sponsors–such as the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, Huggos & Lava Lava –who can guarantee that the tradition of Polo carries on as it has since it’s first match here on Big Island in 1886.

We offer varying levels of Sponsorship– Tournament Sponsor, Team Sponsor and Season Sponsor. We are also excited to offer a new level of sponsorship, the Grand Patron! For more information on each level of sponsorship please choose one of these categories, or feel free to contact us directly for any and all questions at info@waikiipolo.com. Mahalo!

Tournament Sponsor

Team Sponsor

Season Sponsor