Waikii Polo Club Social Member 2023 Season




Enjoy access for (1) vehicle to Sunday Polo for the 2023 season. Social Memberships and tickets purchased at the gate both have access to the GA parking lot in the field behind the Polo Pavilion.

Seating will be available in and around the pavilion on a first come first serve basis.  Additional space for seating is also reserved in front of the Pavilion & along the field side.

Field side parking for tailgating is available on a limited basis, for more info please see our VIP Membership package or email us at info@waikiipolo.com 

1 thought on “Waikii Polo Club Social Member 2023 Season

  1. Tondalaya Gillespie says:

    Oh thank you very much. We will register at the gate.
    We have missed polo, one of our year’s highlights.

    Aloha, Tondalaya


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