Player Resources

Aloha Hawai’i Island Polo players! We are glad to provide these resources that can help streamline the process of getting back out on the field. Please read through the checklist below. If you have already taken these steps, then you’re ahead of the game!


As of May 1, 2021, USPA Members must wear NOCSAE-compliant helmets in all actual outdoor and arena polo games at USPA Member Clubs, not just USPA Events.

The USPA Rules Committee has learned that some USPA Members and some USPA Member Clubs mistakenly believe that NOCSAE-compliant helmets need only be worn in USPA Events. That is a misconception. NOCSAE-compliant helmets must be worn in all actual outdoor and arena polo games (not including practice games) at USPA Member Clubs, not just USPA Events and not just games umpired by USPA professional Umpires. All actual games.

**These rules apply to you unless you qualify for one of the existing variances and you have signed the applicable USPA Waiver and Acknowledgement.

The terms “USPA Event” and “Club Event” are each defined in Part I of the USPA Tournament Conditions, and these definitions make clear that every actual polo game is either a Club Event or a USPA Event. The USPA Rules and Tournament Conditions apply to all USPA Members and at all USPA Member Clubs. And both USPA Outdoor Rule 11b and USPA Arena Rule 1d state that “no USPA Member Club or Host Tournament Committee may adopt any variance” from the rules requiring NOCSAE-compliant helmets.

From the USPA: USPA Members and USPA Member Clubs each agree annually to comply with all USPA rules and policies. Thus, if you are a USPA Member, you must wear a NOCSAE-compliant helmet in all actual polo games, both outdoor and arena. And if you run a USPA Member Club, you must require your players to wear NOCSAE-compliant helmets in all actual polo games, both outdoor and arena.

Get Geared Up

Waiki’i Polo will be placing an order through Instinct Polo, which significantly reduces the cost. If you choose to use a face-mask they can be ordered separately. This is being offered as an option for for those who do not already own an approved helmet.

For those who would like to order a helmet with a face guard, we are able to offer a 10% discount on the Casablanca NEU off it’s original price with a selection of basic colors.

For more information on Helmets, USPA Rules and USPA Helmet Variances please visit The USPA Helmet Rule Information Page.


In order to play, everybody must be both a member of the USPA as well as Waiki’i Polo. Please login or create a USPA Membership account in order to check the status of your USPA membership before you participate in any club event.

Club Dues

Once you have acquired the proper gear, and signed up for both your Waiki’i Polo Club and USPA Memberships then you are good to go. Just make sure you’ve signed the waiver before you mount up to play. Mahalo for taking the time to read this informational page and look forward to you joining us out on the field this fall!