Our Sponsors

They make Polo possible!

Without the generous support of these wonderful local companies, there would be no Polo on Hawai’i Island.

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Polo is a dynamic sport that attracts a diverse demographic of people. Called “The Sport of Kings” it has appealed to generations of Hawai’i Island people since the first game played in Kohala in 1886. This was the first game played in all of the Hawaiian Islands, and has since spread throughout all of the Pae ‘Āina. Polo is a tight-knit community, not only in the Hawaiian Islands but throughout the United States & the World. Nowhere else can your sponsorship of a local sporting league give you such Global visibility.

We are the only Polo Club on Hawai’i Island that is a member of the United States Polo Association. Through our membership, we are able to provide a platform for our Sponsors to be recognized on a National level.

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