Big Polo News!

We are pleased to announce the return of Polo at Waiki’i Ranch for the 2022 season. It’s been two very long years and we are eager to bring back the fun and excitement to Sunday afternoons October through December. 

Thank you so much for your support to this outstanding Polo group over the years. It takes many volunteers hours of time and hard work to make our seasons happen and we appreciate everybody who has shown up in any form to help make Polo so exciting and successful. We hope you will join us once again as we carry on the wonderful legacy of upcountry Polo on Big Island!

– Ken Shamel, Waiki’i Polo Club President

Our team has been working hard behind the scenes and is thrilled to unveil the newly renamed Waiki’i Polo Club as the newest member of the United States Polo Association. We can’t wait to welcome everyone to the field side this fall. 

Anybody who would like to participate, play, or volunteer is invited to our informational meeting on July 10th at the Waiki’i Polo pavilion. Please RSVP for more information. 


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4 thoughts on “Big Polo News!

  1. Jane Mayo says:

    Our dreams have come true! Thank you very much to all who made this happen. Yes, two years was an eternity for those of us who love to attend the Sunday Polo Matches at Waikii. We will be there at every opportunity when we are here. We want to become social members again asap. or hopefully sponsors.

    1. Michelle Z. says:

      Hi Jane, we are so glad to hear it! It makes all our dreams come true that people are excited for Polo! Mahalo!

  2. Bud Bromley says:

    Website looks great. Looking forward to the restart.

    One question, will you be doing the usual format of two games? club game first, then main event at 1PM?

    All the best, mahalo!

    1. Michelle Z. says:

      Hi Bud! Yes we will return in the usual format, with the main event at 1pm. Thank you! Look forward to seeing you this fall.


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